When to Call a Hornet and Wasp Exterminator


We rely on bees, wasps, and hornets to pollinate our fruits, grains, and vegetables. Besides for the occasional buzz around a barbeque or through a park, hornets and wasps are no problem. But when nests start to form in or around places where humans frequent, some action needs to be taken, before a potentially dangerous situation occurs!

Wasps and hornets are especially active in late summer and early fall, due to large populations and diminishing food resources, and this is when hornets can become a real problem around the picnic table. If you feel like wasps are a threat to your property, don’t wait to act—call Bugs Out Pest Control today!

Using DIY Remedies for Hornet & Wasp Removal

Treating the wasps and hornets individually is not a long-term solution, and treating nests can be dangerous! What options do you have for removing this threat to your property? Here’s Bugs Out Pest Control’s best advice for using DIY methods:

  • If you are allergic to stinging insects of any kind, do not attempt to knock a nest down!
  • Identify the wasp or hornet, so you know exactly which species you’re dealing with, and what their behaviors are. Identification can be tricky, unless you know a lot about stinging insects, so proceed carefully.
  • If the nest isn’t that big (palm-sized or less), consider knocking it down yourself. If the nest is bigger than a fist, please do not attempt to knock it down. You need to call a professional!
  • Knocking a nest down needs to be done very carefully. When their nest is threatened, wasps will do almost anything to defend and protect it.
  • We don’t recommend using over-the-counter sprays because they can be hazardous for humans, and any animals that may feed on the dead insects.
  • Never spray inside of your building.
  • If you’re going to spray before you knock a nest down, spray at night or early in the morning, when wasps and bees are least active.
  • Always wear protective gear, like long sleeves and pants. This can help you to avoid a sting.
  • Make sure to properly dispose of the nest, as well as any dead wasps you see.
  • And remember: Wasps are animals, and they’re highly unpredictable. Don’t take any chances, even if it looks like most of them are dead!

Say Goodbye To Pest Problems For Good!

Safe and Responsible Hornet Nest Removal

The nest is bigger than your fist, and you’re considering calling a professional. Good for you! It’s the safest way to remove a nest and any potential danger. A licensed pest control company like Bugs Out Pest Control can ensure that the infestation is safely destroyed, as well as taking preventative measures to prevent more bees from re-entering or re-colonizing the space. If you’re concerned about bees or other stinging insects around your house, give us a call! Bugs Out Pest Control will work with you to make sure your needs are taken care of, any problems are addressed, and any nests are removed safely. Call us today!

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