Varied Carpet Beetle

  • Actual Size: 2 to 3 mm

    Characteristics: Oval, blackish in the center, with a variable, irregular arrangement of white, brownish, and yellowish scales.

    Legs: 6

    Antennae: Yes

    Wings: Yes, and they can fly.

    Habitat: In homes, will infest attics feeding on insect remains, then moving down into the home to infest Oriental rugs, wall hangings, and wool-based carpeting.


    • Feeds on both plant and animal products.
    • Known to ingest carpet, wool, stuffed animals, hair, leather, and insects.
    • Strong flyers, beetles enter homes through open windows, especially around eaves and attic vents.

Varied Carpet Beetles in South Carolina

Carpet Beetle adults have small scales that vary in color from yellow to orange or tannish brown accompanied by black and white patterns/spots. They are not very large, usually maxing out at about 1.8-3.5 mm in length. These beetles are best identified by the types of materials they are congregating near or areas where you are frequently seeing them. The larval stages (juveniles) feed on dried animal (fur, leather, feathers, etc.) or stored product (seeds, fishmeal, etc.) material. The pupae and eggs do not need to eat. Adults feed primarily on pollen or nectar of plants.

Varied Carpet Beetle Habitat

Carpet Beetles live in or on flowering plants outdoors. Inside the home, they are pests of dried plant, animal, and insect material. If you have insects dead in the windows or around the home, the carpet beetle populations can be rather large.

Varied Carpet Beetle Behaviors, Threats, or Dangers

These insects are not detrimental household pests; they do not compromise the integrity of your home. They are small and abundant in most homes across the world. So, what is the big issue with them? They are just really annoying to have around. They get in your homes, fly in your face, and harass you at times you really do not want to be bothered. You can kill adults all day long, but until you have someone deal with the larval food sources your problem will persist. These beetles are commonly confused with bed bugs because they can often be found on mattresses feasting on shed dead skin and other organic debris. If you ever think you have carpet beetles or bed bugs, don’t hesitate to call your local beetle control experts.

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